Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the depth of the drawers?

Most of Ancerre Designs’ drawers use a 16” profile depth; however, the Elizabeth collection is the only collection that uses a 15.5” profile depth for the drawer. We would recommend that if you want to learn the exact dimensions of each collections’ drawers to go visit each corresponding product page at

2. What kind of wood do you use for your vanities?

For  our vanities we use solid wood such as birch and plywood to construct our products (please refer to product specifications to see exact material construction for each collection). We want to provide customers with the highest level of quality for their bathroom and avoid using any particle or MDF materials in our products

3. When should I seal my countertop?

The countertop should be sealed immediately after installation of the vanity and once every year. This will help preserve the countertop and keep its longevity to keep it pristine as long as possible

4. Where can I find measurements/specs for the vanities?

You can find the measurement for each of our collections under each product page under the section “Installation & Specifications,” from there you will be able to see each respective dimension for each vanity. You can go to the following link,, to see all of our current collections that are available.

5. How can I install my vanity?

We would recommend hiring a licensed contractor to help aid you with the installation process  as handling our product can be difficult during installation. You can find installation instructions for each of our collections under each product page under the section “Installation & Specifications,” from there you will be able to see each respective instructions for each vanity. You can go to the following link,, to see all of our current collections that are available. 

6. Where can I find assembly instructions?

Our vanities come pre-assembled and only a partial level of assembly is required to have the vanity ready for display and use. The first being gluing the countertop to the vanity to secure each piece in place (not necessary for Adeline & Haley collection). The second being is to glue down the backsplash to the countertop. Lastly, if there is any additional hardware (usually comes in a bubble package) to install them in their proper door/drawer holes

7. Is 'Sapphire Gray' more gray or blue?

Our Sapphire Gray is a medium rich gray with a satin finish. There is no blue or green undertone. 

8. What is the faucet shown in the pictures?

The faucet(s) shown in our images is by Kohler – Memoir Stately Collection. Please note that the faucet(s) is not included. 

9. What kind of adhesive can I use to glue my countertop?

We would recommend using a silicone adhesive to glue the countertop to the vanity. In addition, apply enough glue in each corner of the countertop and any additional edges to secure the countertop in place.

10. What sealer can I use for my countertop?

Natural cleaner with a sealer for the countertop formulated for marble countertop, no specific brand

11. What is included with the vanity?

For many of our vanities, we include the bathroom vanity itself, countertop, coordinating backsplash, vanity hardware, and necessary screws. Please note that a faucet is not included in the purchase with the vanity.

12. Do the sinks come with an overflow?

Many of our sinks do come with an overflow hole; however, two of our collections that do not use an overflow hole are the Adeline and Hayley collection.

13. Is it real marble?

Our countertops are made from real marble allowing for uniqueness for each bathroom. We handpick each counter top to pair with each vanity and carefully inspect them for any noticeable blemishes or spots.

14. Is the marble made in Italy?

Yes, the marble is procured from Italy

15. I ordered a certain hardware finish with my vanity, where is located?

If you ordered hardware with your vanity, it is included inside the packing within the vanity itself (usually located inside a bubble envelope). The default hardware is preinstalled in the vanity and the extra hardware will have to be installed once it is in its place.

16. Do you have a showroom?

We currently do have a showroom located in southern California. Our location is at 10727 7th Street. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730. Please call us at (888)830-8828 to schedule an appointment.



1. Can I hard wire the mirror?

With the current configuration of our LED Mirrors, they are designed to be hard wired onto a main line (not connected to a power switch) to properly power the unit. We recommend hiring a professional electrician if you are not familiar with the installation process to have the mirror to function properly

2. Can we change the military time on the mirrors?

Unfortunately, with the current configurations of our mirrors that include a digital display they do not include an option to change the time from military time.

3. Is the defogger located throughout the whole mirror?

The defoggers in our LED mirrors are currently installed in the center of each unit. With this configuration, the defogger can clear a select area of the vanity and will not be able to clear the entirety of a mirror. It is similar to a car defogger, where it can clear a certain portion of a window and not its entirety.  

4. Is the light dimmable?

Only select collections from our LED Mirror collections are dimmable, while some of our collections have pre-configured light settings (light temperature). 

The following LED Mirror collections have a dimmable setting:

  • Cirque
  • Sangle

The following LED Mirror collections have a pre-configured light setting (light temperature) :

  • Frysta
  • Immersion
  • Otto

5. How bright is the light? 

The brightness (lumens) varies from each collection to learn more specific details on how bright each collection can be. Go to the following website, where you can see how bright each mirror can go.

General Questions

1. I have not received my tracking information for my order, where can I find it?

Please ensure that our follow up tracking information email sent by does not go into your spam folder. If you can white list our email to ensure that the email arrives promptly and not lost. If you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to and we can send you a follow up email.